Imagination – What do you see?


There’s a children’s picture book series out on the horizon called the “The Cloud Seekers”, written by Robert L. Calixto.  It’s still in the early stages due out next year but the concept is about a group of friends who explore the possibilities in what takes shape in the clouds.  A simple concept, reminiscent of a time I remember and certainly fun to share with little ones.


Shadows & Highlights

_MG_2354_1I’ve always been fascinated by how much a print technician can do to bring out dynamic range in prints from film through basic “dodge & burn” darkroom techniques.  The collaboration between a printer who usually has never been to the locations photographed but can interpret what the photographer saw is a creative process many photographers depended on.  Now with the digital process a photographer can experiment with dynamic range in images that bridge to the surreal.  This image is tweaked with an exaggerated Shadow/Highlight & Contrast layers in Photoshop.  There is software that will take images to the creative extremes like in this blog site:

The Combine Harvester

_MG_1915 copy

The combine has been around since the early 1800’s and would cut about 100 acres in a day.  It’s no doubt they became popular by the 1900’s.  The innovations in just the last 20 years have made these machines faster and more efficient.  With multiple rigs at work in the fields, I imagine that it’s still a race against time during the harvest season.