A Trough Between Two Ridges

A trough of low pressure on this day brought rain to the area and helped to create this serene space. The view of Silver Peak, Catalina Island from Mulholland Drive on the mainland reveals a calm, quiet and peaceful Pacific Ocean in between.

Nature offers itself to our perceptions and what’s so innately wonderful is that as much as we may learn about the existence beyond ourselves, we invariably learn about ourselves in the process. I’ve realized, while we may seek beauty and inspiration from above, we sometimes forget that the search for inspiration is many times driven by our moments in solemness or despair… in the troughs of life. The fact that we are capable of pulling through even in our worse trials is the beauty of who we are. I remind myself that as we see the beauty and inspiration above ourselves, there is also beauty and inspiration below as seen and remembered from our moments on our mountain tops… The beauty and inspiration of humbleness.

An Old House Revisited

April 8, 2010 – This old house can be seen off Hwy 281 in Marble Falls, TX.  I stopped to see the cool-colored Bluebonnets that encompassed the foreground and noticed a woman already taking pictures of this perspective.  It did seem to be the best angle without intruding on the private property.  Funny thing is that since I’ve taken this shot, I’ve seen many pictures, slightly different of this same scene.

Imagination – What do you see?


There’s a children’s picture book series out on the horizon called the “The Cloud Seekers”, written by Robert L. Calixto.  It’s still in the early stages due out next year but the concept is about a group of friends who explore the possibilities in what takes shape in the clouds.  A simple concept, reminiscent of a time I remember and certainly fun to share with little ones.

Plains Coreopsis/Calliopsis

Sometimes called Thickseed, this flower displays lush and intense yellow color over immense areas in the wild.  There are 35 species that cover North, Central and South America’s, 27 of the species are native to the northern continent.  I took this image at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Gillespie County, Texas where they could be seen everywhere along the roads in the Hill Country late spring 2007.


Cowboys Stadium


This stadium will host Super Bowl XLV in 2011.  It will also host the 2009 Big XII Football Championship and Cotton Bowl, the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and the 2014 men’s Final Four.  For the cost of 1 billion, it is a beautiful piece of architecture that can be seen from miles away.




The Combine Harvester

_MG_1915 copy

The combine has been around since the early 1800’s and would cut about 100 acres in a day.  It’s no doubt they became popular by the 1900’s.  The innovations in just the last 20 years have made these machines faster and more efficient.  With multiple rigs at work in the fields, I imagine that it’s still a race against time during the harvest season.