Plains Coreopsis/Calliopsis

Sometimes called Thickseed, this flower displays lush and intense yellow color over immense areas in the wild.  There are 35 species that cover North, Central and South America’s, 27 of the species are native to the northern continent.  I took this image at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Gillespie County, Texas where they could be seen everywhere along the roads in the Hill Country late spring 2007.



First Season – 1st Base


This was one of a sequence of photos I took for this father and son.  This boy was having a bad day and did not want to participate in the season opener.  His father had to come on to the field and try to negotiate typical father & son politics with him and after numerous attempts and delays of the game to get his son to step up to the plate and hit the ball, dad’s patience (hand in photo) finally pays off as he watches his son round 1st base for the first time.