Spring On The Horizon

March 27, 2009 – I was wandering around west of Fort Worth, TX looking for fields of bluebonnets that grew as far as the eye could see, not just the familiar patches growing along the highways. Unfortunately I would not find such a place on this balmy day but there was plenty of cow pasture in all directions where new grass and tree growth was revealing signs of spring.


An Old House Revisited

April 8, 2010 – This old house can be seen off Hwy 281 in Marble Falls, TX.  I stopped to see the cool-colored Bluebonnets that encompassed the foreground and noticed a woman already taking pictures of this perspective.  It did seem to be the best angle without intruding on the private property.  Funny thing is that since I’ve taken this shot, I’ve seen many pictures, slightly different of this same scene.

Imagination – What do you see?


There’s a children’s picture book series out on the horizon called the “The Cloud Seekers”, written by Robert L. Calixto.  It’s still in the early stages due out next year but the concept is about a group of friends who explore the possibilities in what takes shape in the clouds.  A simple concept, reminiscent of a time I remember and certainly fun to share with little ones.

Curiosity Mirrored


A light snow flurry started on this day in Walsh County, ND and as I was passing this area of farm land I noticed this beauty grazing on her pasture.  It was a solemn, much laid-back scene with the snow falling around her and I was curious to see if I could compose a shot.   As I started to snap off images from about 50 yards away, the sound of my camera had sparked her curiosity.  As she came my direction, I continued to take images of the cautious approach which led to this shot.  It’s funny because what started out as an attempt to get a single scene composed for a still image ended up as a face to face visit from a beautiful creature, a totally different final composition and an experimental short motion clip, not to mention, being able to give a friendly rub on her face before I left.  Nature’s spirit is pretty profound and it tends to pop up and say “hello” when you least imagine.

The sequences of the images are put together in this short called “The Visit”.


There’s a long ending after the fade out.   To replay it just move the slider back to the beginning.

Shadows & Highlights

_MG_2354_1I’ve always been fascinated by how much a print technician can do to bring out dynamic range in prints from film through basic “dodge & burn” darkroom techniques.  The collaboration between a printer who usually has never been to the locations photographed but can interpret what the photographer saw is a creative process many photographers depended on.  Now with the digital process a photographer can experiment with dynamic range in images that bridge to the surreal.  This image is tweaked with an exaggerated Shadow/Highlight & Contrast layers in Photoshop.  There is software that will take images to the creative extremes like in this blog site: