Diamonds In The Sky

I’ve always been fascinated with clouds because I associate them as part of the Earth’s spirit displayed in one of its most elegant visual metaphors. When I see how they move and change into shapes as the climate dictates, I can’t help but feel my own spirit connected to the Earth. Sometimes they look like a beautiful Serengeti migration in the sky moving along in the wind or they convect into bold displays of grandeur. Sometimes they hug the lowlands as fog or ascend to wispy layers of strata. When I take the time to watch them it’s like seeing life move in slow motion and it brings calm to my soul. When they leave us with only beautiful cloudless skies, I know they will always return in new shape and form for they are truly free spirits and masters of their realm.

2 responses to “Diamonds In The Sky

  1. Great colour. We are faced with sunrise and sunset daily, maybe not all of them are as great as others but few of us seem to have time to look up to the sky and appreciate what nature has to offer. Great work.

    • Thank you George. I found the sweet spot for the afternoon and shot a variety of views of both east/west directions from this ridge during the whole sunset. I’ve learned to hang out until the end of a sunset if the place feels right otherwise you’ll miss some fast changing light and surprises. This shot encompass the the next shot “A Trough Between Two Ridges” taken with a different lens. The island is in the bottom center of this shot across the sliver of water.

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